Top 5 Eligible Bachelors at the Art Fair

Saturday, April 04, 2009

by Kat Pichulik and Rose Kotze

Peter Hermann: This guy looks like a cross between Gandalf the Grey and my drug dealer at trance parties, both fantastic men in my opinion. Not only is he a great tribute to psychedelic rock, he is Peter Hermann, gallery owner and sensual playboy extraordinaire.
Simon Njami: Simon Njami going incognito, using the same outfit from last year as a trompe l’oeil. Almost had us, Morpheus! However us at ArtHeat are too shrewd and saw straight through your sneaky guise.
Jan-Henri Booyens: What does this guy do on his off day? Wrestle black bears in the Siberian Tundra? Drown his sorrows with his comrades at the Bar Lubitsch? Hot. Also in Avant Car Guard. Super hot.
João Ferreira: Imagine how that name rolls off the tongue in the sack. João. Joãooooo-oooooh. Despite the rumours, baby still got it.
Robino M Ntila:
“I’ve been really tryin’, baby/ Tryin’ to hold back this feelin’ for so long/ And if you feel like I feel, baby/ Then come on, oh, come on/ Whoo, let’s get it on.”

Kat and Rose


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