If the Shoe Fits (From the Daily ArtHeat at the Joburg Art Fair)

By Kat Pichulik and David Brits

One can tell many things about visitors to the Joburg Art Fair by indulinging in a little shoegazing.Unless you are a camping/camp enthusiast, struggling single dad or confused tween, to rock up at an art fair (or any place within the sight of critical eye, for that matter) in these puppies is to commit social suicide. Think twice.
These little hot red pleather boots on the other hand, are a total must if you are three foot, puke green Krocodil in a red bowler hat and matching thong.

Only a man who would wear these leather thongs would ever consider buying something like this:

To accompany his paint technique Tuscan Villa fountain, of course.

The dual functions of heels at art fairs:

Either as cheap ploy to create controversy on delightful dancing Jesus’
On hot gallerina’s as expensive ploys to sell art to middle aged male buyers

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