THIS IS NOT A JOKE: The numbers are in

Hugh Upsher is a recent Michaelis Graduate who lives with his parents in the suburbs. He is now the only contributor attempting to keep this Blog afloat over the festive season.

A fantastic starting block for any net surfer is the all-knowing I have returned once again but not to Google’s primary function of finding what you are looking for, but to a hidden treasure it has let loose for the public to play with. I have to assume Google Trends‘ intentions were set for the purpose of research as it gives a peek at the information Google receives from all of its users. It is a toy I personally can never get bored of playing with and in the festive spirit I will now present a mini exhibition of works.

Unlike The Beatles, Britney Spears can now confirm being more popular than Jesus.

For brief times in Damien Hirst’s career he became a little more interesting than a good joke.

These two just go hand in hand.

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