The Bok is Back

CAPE 09: Convergence promises to be fun, upbeat and very unstuffy if the whirlwind walkabout that took place today for members of the Press is anything to go by. Sannie made the terrible mistake of donning her high heels and pencil dress but would have been better served by a pair of walking shoes as this time round Cape is a very decentred event that aims to fully integrate art into the city and greater metropolitan areas.

Opening on Saturday with a performance at Cape Town Station co-ordinated by Meshac Gaba from 10-12 and then moving on to the formal opening at Lookout Hill in Khayalitsha from 2pm and a procession in Government Avenue later that evening, the event, or better yet, series of events are looking very promising at this stage. A number of ‘official’ projects are part the Convergence programme with other fringe events supplementing the main show. Unlike CAPE 07 it looks like the major focus will be on the main programme although those wishing to experience it should be warned that it will take some effort on their part to see and do everything as many aspects of Cape 09 happen in paces that are well off the beaten track of the institutionalised (or waiting/needing to be institutionalised) art world.

This was a conscious decision on the part of Cape: to make it part of the broader city and open it up to new audiences and even audiences that may not realise they are seeing art as such. An example of this is the One Minute World Exhibition which sees over 800 African, South American and Eastern European ‘one minute’ videos playing randomly on TV sets in shops like Electric Express near the Golden Acre and La Boutique (a stall setting electronic equipment in the middle of the Strand Street Concourse) and broadcast on Cape Town Community TV.

Among the things look like they are going to be great are The Chimurenga Library in the Cape Town City Library in Drill Hall, The First Official Provisional Fynbos Museum of the Greater Khayelitsha Area (which you can see at the opening event and thereafter), Who Knows Where Brenda Fassie Really Is? (complete with a talent show for learners from Brenda’s old School Langa High) and, if you are lucky enough to catch one of the specially branded taxis, Thank You Driver.

Look for updates of events on Artheat and check out the Cape site for further info.

Seems as if the bokkie is back and it’s going to be bok.

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