Bring It On Home

Studio 3666 presents Bingefest 09: The Big Hole.

Call For Submissions and Proposals

Studio 3666 will be hosting a fringe event coinciding with the first week of the Cape 09 Biennale at the Kimberley Hotel on the corner of Roeland and Buitenkant Streets in the East City of Cape Town. Aimed at showcasing new and innovative production, the show will melt into the fabric of this historic landmark and subtly transform it into a space celebrating our local creativity. This festival will coincide with the opening of the Cape 09 Biennale, which runs from 2 May to 21 June 2009. Visual, sound and performance artists are invited to submit ideas and proposals for work which if successful will be included in a 10-day festival. The theme will be The Big Hole.

While the Kimberley Hotel does not have formal exhibition space, it is an interesting venue to work with and the exhibition will aim to challenge the conventions of the ‘white cube’ mode of display and develop original, site-specific modes of display and engagement. Artists can hire rooms in the hotel for the exhibition of work, as well as work with existing spaces, both inside and outside the hotel, as well as the public areas outside the building. The Book Lounge opposite the hotel will also partner in this venture and could be utilised as an alternative space.

Please note that the Bingefest has no specific funding allocated to subsidise artistic projects and is being run on the basis of volunteerism and the desire to ‘get things out there’. Nobody associated with the event is being paid and those selected to be part of this should budget accordingly. The organisers will establish a blog, do press, and coordinate artwork sales.

Proposals must be submitted by email to
The closing date for submissions is 15 April 2009.

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