A Little Bit of Politic

Ok, I know we’ve all been sniggering into our lattes about the similarity between the Obama ’08 campaign logo and the new DA logo for a couple of weeks now. This one election campaign really shook up the world, to the extent of other manifestation of it appearing in strange places.
Like this poster in Kauai, which had me sniggering into my muffin.
Correct me if my assumptions on this image are wrong:
1. The SA flag in the smoothie doesn’t imply “Proudly South Africa” but rather politicises the image
2. The overwhelming majority of this country sees the current government as change
3. Change then implies an oppositional stance
4. The DA should form a coalition party with Kauai, running a campaign on the notions of wheatgrass and feeling good and mop up the minorities. Their logos are close enough already.

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