ArtHeat’s Year End Lists

Robert Sloon’s List
Best 5 Exhibitions
1. Julia Rosa Clark’s The Hypocrite’s Lament
2. Jaques Coetzer’s Alt-Pop
3. The Gugulective showing us how it’s done
4. Avant Car Guard showing us how it’s done
5. Christian Nerf and Doug Gimberg’s Carpentry 101

Worst 5 Exhibitions
1. Tracey Payne’s Shaolin Monks.
2. Africa South at AVA
3. Africa Remix at JAG
4. Cape 07
5. Too many others to mention

Artists to watch
The Gugulective

Artist to stop watching
Tracey Payne

Shadiest moment in the art world
ArtHeat’s three pending lawsuits

Shadiest dealer in the art world
All the dealers who are withholding money from their artists

The one moment that made you lose faith entirely
The disintegration of Cape 07

The one moment that explains why you are still here
The continual growth of ArtHeat’s readers

The least true piece of gossip
Ronald Suresh Robert’s is Robert Sloon

Biggest Fuck-up award
The continuing lack of decent alternative spaces and alternative publications. This scene is choking.

Lizza Littlewort’s List
Only the best stuff:
1. Unathi Sigenu- Johnny Walker Billboard
2. Moa Lindh- There is no I in apathy
3. Andrew Putter- Secretly I love you more
4. Julia Clark- Hypocrite’s Lament (sp?)
5. Andrzej Nowicki- The Gloaming

Ed Young’s List
Best 5 Exhibitions
Go to Artthrob and look through the archives.

Worst 5 Exhibitions
Mainly the ones in Johannesburg.
Africa Remix etc.

Artist to watch
David Scadden

Artist to stop watching
Pieter van Heerden

Shadiest moment in the art world
Ruth Sacks inserting herself into the Doing it for Daddy press pics

Shadiest dealer in the art world
The Sweaty One

The one moment that made you lose faith entirely
The African Pavilion in Venice
And the soup kitchen queue at the Spier submissions
And the ABSA l’atelier Awards

The one moment that explains why you are still here
I really, really don’t know – maybe God

The least true piece of gossip
Ed is hairy

Biggest Fuck-up award
Carine Zaayman, following closely on the heels of Spier 07, Cape 07, Africa Remix…

Sannie Prinkle’s List
Best 5 Exhibitions
1. Lisa Brice at Goodman Cape
2. Marlene Dumas: Intimate Relations (Iziko SANG)
3. Hell Yeah
4. The Michaelis Graduate Show
5. Kentridge’s Magic Flute (Not technically an exhibition but an unexpectedly wonderful show)

Worst 5 Exhibitions
1. Spier 2007
2. The Scalabrini Exhibition, part of X-Cape, the “fringe” of Cape 07
3. The First Part of the Inchoate, Idiosyncratic Descent into Nihilism: Ed Young (Debate rages as to whether the fault lay with the artist or the curators)
4. Tracy Payne at Michael Stevenson
5. Africa South at the AVA

Artist to watch
Kemang Wa Lehulere

Artist to stop watching
Mustafa Maluka

Shadiest moment in the art world
A young up-and-coming artist coming over to say hi to a friend who was with Matthew Hindley at a bar and being dissed by Hindley with the words “So you coming over to join the Big Rollers”. Apparently Hindley thinks that he now is one of these.

Shadiest dealer in the art world
Michael Stevenson

The one moment that made you lose faith entirely
Pallo Jordan’s opening speech at Cape 07.

The one moment that eplains why you are still here
The opening of Goodman Cape. Competition that was desperely needed as well as bringing brilliant artists we would otherwise not see here, all in the expert hands of Emma Bedford and Storm Janse van Rensberg.

The least true piece of gossip
Michael Stevenson will play the role of Darth Vader in “Star Wars: The Musical”, scheduled to open at Arscape in March 2008.

Biggest Fuck-up award
Spier 2007

Much love and hisses
Sannie Prinkle

Bianca Baldi’s List
Best 5 Exhibitions
Best Solo Show :Bridget Baker : Bridget Bæker
Best Group Show: Afterlife
Best Project: Carpentry 101
Best Public Work: Christmas Light Decorations in Bothasig
Best and probably only retrospective: Marlene Dumas

All in present must be transformed:Matthew Barney and Joseph Beuys Peggy Guggenheim collection Venice
Take Care of Yourself, Sophie Calle French Pavillion Venice Biennale ,
Cindy Sherman Retrospective Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin
Sculpture Projects Munster 2007

Worst 5 Exhibitions,
‘What Lies beneath’ :D urban duo called Mark and Clint A.K.A da boyz
The Inchoate, Idiosyncratic Descent into Nihilism
Leora Farber: Dis-Location / Re-Location (in collaboration with Strangelove). The Albany Museum, Grahamstown,
Artseasons 2007 Sante Wellness Centre

Herbert Brandl at the Austrian Pavillion at Venice

Artist to watch
Jeremy Puren

Artist to stop watching :
Sol LeWitt, 78 , Died on April 8 this year.

Shadiest moment in the art world: Check List Luanda Pop at the Africa Pavilion.

Shadiest dealer in the art world: Danny of Stellenbosch who despite being shady was there for his artists in desperate times.

The one moment that made you lose faith entirely: when the lines between being colleagues and friends become blurred to the detriment of good friendships and or good curatorial sense.

The one moment that explains why you are still here; the artwork (well some of it anyway)

The least true piece of gossip: Linda Stupart is a lesbian

Biggest Fuck-up award: The policies in place which allow corporates to use artists work without remuneration or at the very least crediting the artist. Eg. Sasol’s use of the Royal Deluxe Theatre Company’s puppet and Nike’s use of Robin Rhode.

Biggest Social Faux Pas: Telling Gavin Younge I was not convinced by a sculpture that he was referring too, only to find out that it was his work.

Best Public Lectures : Brian Eno and Jean Matthee

Mr Webb’s List
77 Million Paintings (and its two accompanying lectures) by Brian Eno
High Voltage Low Voltage by Stephen Hobbs
Hypocrite’s Lament by Julia Rosa Clark (no ‘e’)
Messina / Musina by Pieter Hugo
Twenty Smells by Andrew Putter

Matthew Barney at The Serpentine Gallery, London
Mick Barr at Sakra! Festival, Garz
Ryan Gander at the 9th Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Lyon.
Wolf Eyes at Dom In Berg Festival, Graz
The Pavilions of Korea and Romania at the 52nd La Biennale di Venezia

Worst Exhibitions
Check List Luanda Pop
The something something into nihilism at Michaelis
The rest of this list is best not mentioned…

Best Films
The Queen
Pan’s Labyrinth

Worst Films (Blame air travel for making me see these)
The Departed
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Rush Hour 3

Best TV
Lost: Season 3

Best (unintentional) intervention
Security checks at the South African Jewish Museum

Best (intentional) intervention
Whoever tied small bells to the tree outside my flat in a possible attempt to give the choir of singing drunks some musical accompaniment.

Best Reviewers (locally)
Melvyn Minnaar
Shaun de Waal
Lizza Littlewort

Artist to watch

Others to watch
Young event designers such as Christian F. Schiller, Bianca Baldi, Rowan Smith, Heath Nash, Angela Nemov and Ma’or Harris.

Curators to watch (locally)
Andrew Lamprecht

Curators not to watch (locally)
Those with commercial agendas, though they might not know who they are…

Shadiest moment in the art world
Hiring naked dancers to writhe around seated, blindfolded audiences who thought they were at a Time-Share meeting.

Shadiest dealer in the art world
Whoever deals to certain people I know.

The one moment that made you lose faith entirely
Not having my The Black Passage work selected for the Western Cape ABSA L’Atelier competition by judges Brett Murray, Jean Brundrit and someone else, only to have it selected for the 9th Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Lyon.

The one moment that explains why you are still here
I’m not telling.

The least true piece of gossip
That it was only a blow-job.

Biggest Fuck-up award
Annie Sprinkle (sic)’s Spier Contemporary review, and other reviews used as a platform for vengeance.

Cancelled Subscription Award
The Wire Magazine

Renewed Subscription Award
Sight & Sound

New Subscription Award

Notable deaths
Michelangelo Antonioni (born 1912, Italy)
Helmut Schäfer (born 1969, Austria)
Karlheinz Stockhausen (born 1928, Germany)

New Year’s Blessing from ArtHeat to You:
Thank you all for a good and a bad year. May next year be better and worse.

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