OMG. YMGs* at Michaelis Gallery

Well. What can I say, except boring and unprofessional. And I arrived too late for the snacks. If only the work you saw as you walked in was what you got, but disappointingly that was the only new work on the show. That is Ed Young’s I LOVE NEW WORK, dominated the entrance hall, looking smashing in black. Next up was a video ripoff of Richard Prince, some bad paintings about demographics, a book about a web search (which was quite poetic, if not a bit mathematical), and then a sort of blur of works I’ve seen in that gallery twice already. Michael John Michael’s upside down wine glass sculpture Untitled, was starting to leak, which was kinda funny because he said, “It’s all the fat people walking around, that are disturbing it.” How delicate.
Another piece of good fun was how the opening speaker Cheryl de la Rey, a big shot in the University, was sent the wrong date and didn’t pitch (this on top of the invite giving the wrong time, no closing date, and no venue!). Bit of a kick in the bollocks, after all the debate on this site about Michaelis being the centre of the world.

Went to the AVA after for the From Here to There show. The new video lounge there looks amazing. The work was ok. A few moments of ‘that’s cool’, but I’m not sure beyond that. I guess it is one of the more interesting shows I’ve seen there for a while.

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