More Fun Than The K-Foundation

Having some mixed feelings over the whole announcement from Cape thing. I respect that the funding has fallen through, massively, and that they are not canceling. It’s hard being an arts organisation to get money from corporates or the lotto or whatever. One must always make the best with what one has. Que sera sera. I still have hope that the show will be interesting, and bolstered by the X-Cape might be a good and full show.

On the other hand, Cape has had a lack of transparency. What happened to the money, was there ever any? Has it gone to the salaries of the many many people Cape has on it’s staff ?(or, god forbid, and I’ll stress I heard this from a very unsubstantiated source, on Bonuses?). And where is Gavin Jantjes… isn’t he supposed to be here? Why is it called ” a fundamental departure from the traditional “biennial model”, where artworks are shipped in, displayed then shipped out again, often leaving little lasting cultural impact.” When that actually means “Shit, we’re fucked. We can’t even afford to fly the artists, let alone the work.” One of the curators is permanently in Jo’burg. Why is this happening? These questions must be asked, especially when our reputation as a culturally exciting city is at stake, or even just as an arty city. The less reputation, the less interest internationally, the more we sink back into our small fishing village world. Which brings me back to the mixed feelings… the criticism needs to be laid out, but we as artists need to be positive, we need to believe that we can pull ourselves out of the doldrums. So someone please, tell me why I still believe?

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