Robert Sloon’s True Picks of Two Thousand and Six

As grinding as it has seemed this year has finally worked it’s full course. The end of the year also signifies ArtHeat’s six month anniversary. Take a bow, ArtHeat. Thank You, World. I’m going to take a brief Christmas break next week, and I bet none of you are going to be here either, so here is the inevitable year-end list:

Best Artist:
Robert Sloon. Apparently he’s a really nice guy too. Also Cameron Platter.
Oh, and Ed Young, for not making any work all year, and still being the second most hated person on this site.

Best Artistess:
Ruth Sacks. For being famous, and suffering continual hate on this site with grace. And also putting on a good show. Also Lizza Littlewort. Also the scary person who I ran into on the street again today, who a few months ago threatened my life… I really really really like you.

Worst Artist:
Too many, too many. I’m torn. Richard Scott? Lyndi Sales? Pippa Skotnes? Nigel Mullins?

Best Newcomer:
Daniel Halter. For putting on a show that was interesting, lively, and thought provoking.

Best Biennale:
TransCape without a doubt.

Best Art Publication:
ArtHeat. Any other takers?

Best Gallery:
blank projects. For having more interesting shows this year, more variety, and a little more fun than any one else.

Best Comment on ArtHeat:
There are too many to go through, but Mona, Miss Thandi, and others who have shown a bit of character, you rock. My personal favourite one-liner: “You are dull. Art heat is boring. I’d rather be boring than dull.”

Worst Comment on ArtHeat:
That dickhead Anonymous: “Ed is Hairy”. If I wasn’t a proponent of free speech you’d be blocked.

Artwork of the Year:
You. For being viscious and bitchy all year here, but still coming back. Like all my favourite artworks, I’m not sure if thats funny or sad.

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