last resort
(is this art? or the necessity to address the question)

despite the fact that the original letter is for Gregg, we have been cced and invited to respond.

is this a cry for help or a last attempt at undisguised arrogance? the very ambivalence might be the core of the problem or the difficulty to relate which is at the centre of all ills.

I am convinced that Art funding is problematic beyond Cape town, and comments on the issue are pertinent and pervasive, if you have chosen this particular comment as the main dynamic of your practice so be it (might as well buy crack, whores and indulge) but, please do take into account that there exist other practices around just as valid and pertinent, I do not believe there is a degree in the value of pertinence that as artists we can apply to each other( although we can’t help doping it somehow) , and the light under which you currently present things doesn’t offer much space for discussion and nuance, but rather some strong sense of self-righteousness.

I agree that maybe to access your ‘concerns’, sharing some form of process might have made a whole difference, but hey… work has to be made, this is not a school, one has to relate, exchange in one ‘s own term, we might behave as tourist, which eventually we are, the place offers a whole deal of information that can’t possibly be dealt with within a month, and i am sure we take responsability for our individual situation, so take yours! by refusing to engage you create the very situation you complain about.

don’t know what call for a drink you are talking about…we do function independently not as a collective, and even if some of us were in the same institution, it doesn’t mean we necessarily knew each other’s work so well or related in the way we have while being here…well you are not interested in whale watching, but are willing to coerce us into some lap dancing bar, well some of us have lived in Amsterdam where we had our fare share of female demeaning in the red light district, is this an economical statement? do we need to share it? indeed the power play conjures up images…, so let me invite you to some SM clubs of Antwerp for some good old fist fucking watching(next time I have money), pardon my frrench…

some people react very well to provacation and their very reaction could be the dynamic of many otherwise not so interesting situation, but what happens when no one reacts?

see you soon
ps: we are in the same boat, however tempting it is to see oneself as a renagade

jimmy robert

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