Ok you fuckers. I have just about had enough of this brainless anonymous blah blah, slating fucking hard working individuals just because you might be a fucking tik addict hating the art world trying to make “sound” pieces that no-one cares about sitting in your basement studio smoking a lolly or being Lizza Littlewort being disgruntled by the art world because you could never paint or Julia Clark having to deal with loss of love or purely just because you really suck at making a living through your “creative” genius. I think your utterly pointless anonymous comments have made all the readership of this publication nauseous and have scared people away. If you want to write commentary, do it by name and pref leave your email address. If not, I urge our editor, Mr. Sloon to please delete all anonymous commentary, because it sucks, and we don’t need you. You bitter old people with nothing to do, if you have a comment, do not hide behind the nice easy masturbatorium of the blogger.

Fuck You…

And thanks.

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