ArtHeat DeathThreat

So yesterday was bizarre. One very, very angry artist tracked me down, after using amazing detective skills to figure out my true identity (not really that hard in this little city), and proceeded to scream at me in the middle of the street. Now I understand that during the course of my petty journalism I’d annoy some people, but this was on another level… I was told a. I’d lose my job, b. I’d lose the court case and get gang raped in Pollsmoor and c. I’d lose my life like the last person that fucked with her. Now I’m a sympathetic person, and I understand this artist has had a really hard time recently, probably beyond what most of us will deal with, and I wont mention her name here and actually will go so far as apologise for my ridiculous lies and shameful libel… (I also told her to send me a rebuttal to the offending article which I would gladly publish, so lets look forward to that). But please if anyone else wishes to have me killed please address your death threat to Robert Sloon at and I’ll get to it when my schedule allows.

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